These are live recordings made direct to two track during Recalcitrance practice sessions in basements across Northern Virginia complete with flubs and warts (and no overdubs).
Most were made using 2 mics on the guitar, 4 mics on drums and either 1 mic on bass or bass direct.
No edits were made unless otherwise noted (only fades so far).

All of the songs are instrumental and were recorded with the Mike Stovicek/Chris Howard/Sean Echevarria lineup (except where otherwise noted).

This page will be updated as I find time to go through the box of tapes that I have.

Many of these recordings are untitled. I'll put 'improv' in the title field if it was a one off. I'll describe other untitled songs by either words we sometimes used to talk about them or by the effects I used on them. Words like clean, distorted and effected are used to describe the guitar sounds (simple chorus or echo on guitar does not qualify as effected).

Song Title Date of
Little Death 1994.05 1.03 MB 2005.11.28 - short and to the point
- fade out applied after digital conversion
- thrashy
Sonance Variance 1994.05 5.82 MB 2005.11.28 - reverse delays
- distorted and spacy
A Minor Nebula 1994.05 4.24 MB 2005.11.28 - early version
- later versions have a different section at the end
- the intro would be Mike yelling at Chris
- distorted and spacy
Sleestaks 1996.04 5.20 MB 2005.11.28 - a bit monotonous
- tape saturated bass
- distorted and effected
Lessons in Darkness 1996.04 6.51 MB 2005.11.28 - some tape saturation
- guitarist missed a lot of changes/cues...
- lots of clean parts
A Minor Nebula 1996.04 5.36 MB 2005.11.28 - some tape saturation
- distorted and spacy
Untitled (clean 3on2) 1996.?? (spring) 5.87 MB 2005.11.28 - this is an untitled, uncomposed piece
- different everytime we played it
- from a tape labeled spring 1996
- clean and spacy
Untitled (improv clean DrippingReverb) 1996.?? (spring) 7.86 MB 2005.11.28 - I don't remember ever playing this, must have been a one-off
- lots o' drumming
- At the end you can barely hear Mike telling Chris "you can change once in awhile if you want to you know"
- fade in at the start added after digital conversion due to the original tape missing the start
- from a tape labeled spring 1996
- clean, effected and spacy
Untitled (the dark song)(clean series+parallel fx) 1996.?? (spring) 13.22 MB 2005.11.28 - another untitled, uncomposed piece - known or described as the dark song
- break up in the middle is from my car tape deck eating the tape
- from a tape labeled spring 1996
- clean, effected and spacy
Illusory Visions 1996.?? (spring) 7.53 MB 2005.11.28 - from a tape labeled spring 1996
- distorted and effected
can't remember (it might be Torrential Flood of Illogic) 1996.?? (spring) 4.72 MB 2005.11.28 - guitarist screwed this one up
- from a tape labeled spring 1996
- a bit fusiony

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