After finished studying philosophy in 1988, had a brief stint as a taxi driver in northern Virginia. Eventually found work in the accounting department of an airline services company.

Got sick of that and eventually left work to go back to school to learn about information systems and software engineering in mid 1994.

Started working as a software engineer in 1996 at Pure Software's Performix unit in McLean, Va. Left school with one class left when they relocated the family and me to California in June 1996. Pure became PureAtria and later, in August 1997, PureAtria was acquired by Rational Software. Worked on client-server load testing applications empower and Performix (which were supposedly integrated into the Rational products preVue and SiteLoad) (Rational links will eventually start failing since they were acquired by IBM).

In October 97, left Rational (after working briefly on Quantify NT) to co-found Whole Tomato Software and started working out of the living room developing the Visual C++ IDE add-in Visual Assist.

At the start of 2000, jumped ship and began working on the Beatnik Player browser plugins and ActiveX control (in particular, the XPCOM and Mac IE ports) and contributed to the Mozilla effort. After Beatnik Player was EOL, joined the Beatnik Core Engineering team and went on to work on the Beatnik Audio Engine, mobileBAE, Mobile Sound Builder and Player for Mobile Audio (Beatnik links no longer work since they closed shop around 2007).

In March 2005, dived back into Whole Tomato Software.

The family moved back to Virginia in 2017 and I left the tomato in summer 2020.


• Recalcitrance (defunct) >> I used to play guitar in an instrumental trio that spun out a hyper frenzy of tangled space-slop.
• Paradigm Shift >> my solo instrumental synth doodlings. Only available recording is on the Dark Self Instrumentals: DC Compilation 2 1/2 Washington, DC compilation tape put together in 1995 by DSI Records.


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